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NOTE: Before we begin…

If we link to other sites to provide suggestions, we do not in any way imply or express endorsement, responsibility, or ownership of the content of the linked website you visit, and you agree that you do so at your own risk. Results and/or satisfaction by following the answers to these questions are not guaranteed.

Q: Help! I think my website is down!

Sometimes your website may be malfunctioning but is not due to any of our servers being down.

A: We need to know more…

Try these steps first before you talk to us to help you ensure your site can go up as quickly as possible. Always take screenshots when possible so we can have direct visual representation of the issue you are experiencing.

1. Note ALL error messages (if any).

The best way for us to know what’s going on is to see what you see. Copy and paste, or take a screenshot of the error page you receive.



Check your email for a message from your website stating the cause of the issue.

If no email is found in your inbox or spam folder, please feel free to contact support.


Error 404

This means the file or page is missing or has moved. You’ll want to make sure the URL is correct or that you have a working .htaccess file in your website files.

The .htaccess file helps the server point people’s browsers where they need to go when they are lost.


Error 500

This means your site is experiencing a major processing error due to a configuration you have made to your web hosting account or your PHP code.



Please see section 3.

Advanced: Check the contents of the error_log file in your file manager. Remember! Most recent errors are logged at the BOTTOM of the file.


It will tell you of any code-related or server-related errors your site may be experiencing.


“ERROR CONNECTION TIME OUT” or similar error messages

You might be blocked by our server security systems (firewall). Please try opening your site from a different device or on a different network.

For best results: Turn off wifi on your phone and use your mobile phone’s carrier data or try a different internet connection.



If your site is down and your browser is giving you an error that mentions something about the domain, the server, DNS, or the connection, you should immediately check your domain’s expiration date from the place you bought it from. It is possible your domain expired, or was disconnected from our server.


2. Clear your browser cache, and cookies

If you clear your browser cache, or even try using a private browser window, you can tell your browser to reset settings that may have caused your site to experience a glitch.

(How to here: https://clear-my-cache.com/)


3. Did you make any plugin or theme updates recently?

Sometimes your site may experience an issue due to a theme or plugin update. If you updated any plugins or your theme just barely before the error occurred, this is a very big sign the issue is caused by the updates.

If Yes…

You’ll need to remember what you updated. Then, following instructions here: (article coming soon) you can disable any plugins you updated.

After the plugin is disabled and the site is back to normal, you will have a couple options.

  1. Try to re-enable the plugin. If you re-enable the plugin, and the issue comes back, it may be that plugin should not be updated yet.
  2. Contact the developer of the plugin. You’ll need their help to be able to use the plugin again. We cannot modify other people’s code.

If No…

It is possible something else is going on… this could include a virus, a malfunction of a plugin without having updated it, or another miscellaneous issue. If you have made backups of your site, restore the latest backup you have.

If you don’t have backups, it is likely necessary for us to assist you.


Q: My website is not sending mail properly.

A: This may be due to your site sending mail via the server.

Option A: Try a SMTP method or alternate email delivery provider.

We do not recommend using the normal ways of sending mail from your website through our server. We do recommend you use a free SMTP plugin, or use our Lite Maintenance Plan ($6/mo) to enable secure mail routing through our off-server mail system, Mailgun.

You are always welcome to use your own mail delivery service (different than an email address provider like Gmail or Outlook) and integrate that into your website.

Option B: Check your spam/junk folder from now on for missed mail.

Our server (not unlike many other hosting companies) is not recognized by many email providers and is considered spam.


Would you like active support from us?

Support from us may require charge depending on the requirements of the fix and if you are on a maintenance plan, or not.

Paid support is billed in 15 minute increments, with a $25 minimum charge which is waived if we fix the entirety of the issue in 5 minutes or less (which is VERY common!).

You will never be charged or billed unless we receive verbal/written confirmation from you that we are authorized to spend up to 30 minutes on the issue to fix it. We keep you updated every step of the way so you know exactly what’s going on.

If you would like us to assist you, make sure to follow all the steps outlined above if you can, to reduce the time we use to resolve the issue.


Here’s a quick refresher…

Take screenshots of the errors or issues you are witnessing. This is crucial as we may not be able to see what you see.

Clear your cache, and cookies (how to here: https://clear-my-cache.com/) to ensure the issue isn’t being caused by YOUR device (very common).

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