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How to point your domain to Shopify

You can buy your domain from us to use anywhere. Want to use it with Shopify? Here’s how…


  1. Login to your Host Huski account
  2. Find DNS settings, domain admin zones, DNS settings, or similar content.
  3. Edit the A record to point to your Shopify IP address
  4. The domain configuration window can contain drop-down menus or editable fields. Alternatively, you may need to select fields or edit a table.
  5. You need to do the following: Enter or select the @ sign or the A record in the Record Type or Record Type fields.
  6. In the Point-to-Point field, enter the Shopify IP address as the destination for the A record.
  7. Click Save to save the zone files, add the records, or also save the A records.
  8. Change the CNAME record to point to shop.myshopify.com at www. …
  9. Enter or select the prefix www. (Usually you only need to enter the WWW prefix without a period, but some domain name providers require the entire WWW subdomain.
  10. Use the list as a guide or follow the supplier’s instructions. Enter shop.myshopify.com as the destination for your CNAME record. CNAME records should always point to your domain name, not your IP address. Save CNAME records using Save, Save Zone File, Add Record, and more.
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